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Singapore Bicycle

Singapore Bicycle Welcome to the Highland Cycles family. It may take you about twenty minutes to assemble this bike. It begins by unpacking it from the box. Make sure all the tools and accessories are in the package. The required tools for installation are a number four and number five or Allen wrench cross screwdriver and number fifteen wrench. It would be better if you have a Phillips screw screwdriver and vice grips with nine pliers. Step one assemble the handlebar. Rotate the stem one hundred and eighty degrees clockwise It's very important. All the front wheels might hit your foot when riding, then put the line to this place. Using the number four hex and unscrew the bolts on the stem and remove the stem cover, Then place the handlebar on the stem. Just put the screws into the four holes, and fasten the screws in the order we showed. Notice, but not too tight because we will back to adjust it after finishing the front wheel assembly. Step two assemble the saddle seat, Place the saddle onto the seeds on the bike adjust the c height and position for the rider's comfort, and tighten it in place. Put the mountain bike upside down on the level ground, then let's go to the next step. Step three assemble the front wheel. Take apart the axle assembly by unscrewing the nut. Put out the brake protection pad Put the axle onto the fork, we put the disc and the brake on the same side. Tighten nuts by using your pound fifteen wrench Test whether the front wheel is installed firmly or not. Set four and assemble the pedals. Place the correct pedals mart onto the crank arm and rotate them using the open end wrench until tight. For the right pedal, rotate clockwise to tighten. For the left pedal, rotate counter-wise. Attention please. Use a pound fifteen open end wrench to tighten the pedals or the pedal may lose when riding. Step five install the reflect. Don't forget the reflect. It will help you keep safe when riding at night. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us soon at highland underscore service at joy dot com.
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